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Tree Armor is Now Made in the United States

December 10, 2013

The popular tree guards known as Tree Armor was invented in 2010 by Americans Jill Saunders, and her Dad, Jim. The enhanced design that features a tapered design and spring-loaded engineering, was taken to many American extruders that year, hoping that it could be made in America.Non Toxic Tree Guards Some extruders wouldn't even bother bidding on the project, while others estimated that the cost to manufacture the brown tree wrap would be 5 dollars a piece, a price that would make Tree Armor difficult to sell at a reasonable price.

The Tree Armor project was taken to China. Soon, the project went into full production and the first generation of this unique tree protector hit the US shores. The invention was a hit right away, and Jill and Jim had to re-order again from China.

Sometime, in 2012 an American company located in Ohio agreed to manufacture Tree Armor at a price that could be retailed for as little as $2.85 each. A goal of 36,000 Tree Armors was agreed to in 2013, and by November of that year, the first domestic Tree Armor came off the assembly line.

Not only has Tree Amor been able to preserve the lowest price in the industry, the American engineers have made this tree wrap better. The vinyl is coiled tighter to provide a tighter grip on tree bark. This means that Tree Armor can now protect trees with diameters as small as 3/4". The rich brown color that has always been a trademark of Tree Armor is now more color fast. The original Chinese version would fade after a year, but the American Tree Armor stays brown.

All the other advantages that make Tree Armor superior to every other tree wrap or tree guard remains. Its perforated to offer some protection from mold and mildew. The vinyl used is certified free of heavy metals like cadmium and lead.