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March 16, 2020

One of the biggest problems facing homeowners, landscapers, and tree farmers is the growing population of deer. Mountain lions and other natural predators have moved to higher ground or disappeared because of land development and hunting. In order to defend against the destruction of deer rutting, homeowners have turned to tree guards for protection for their valuable trees.

There are many remarkable aspects to Tree Armor. One of the last tree guards made in the USA, it conforms to EPA standards, utilizing virgin vinyl, free of cadmium, lead and other heavy metals, often found in foreign imports. Its outstanding characteristic, though, is its built in repellent that adds another layer to the protection of your valuable trees. Made from white pepper, this powerful repellent lightly irritates the deer nostrils, often moving them away from a tree circle before they even come in contact with the tree.

White pepper, has identical properties to black pepper. The difference is that the white pepper is the internal kernel of what is known as black pepper. It is stronger and more pungent than black pepper. It is an ideal repellent to buck that want to rub the testosterone off the tips of their antlers, using your trees as a scratching post.

Essentially, Tree Armor Plus will help maintain deer at a distance from your trees and actually train them to avoid your valuable landscape. The scent is impregnated into the vinyl during manufacture, and will last about a year, providing more than enough time to educate deer around your trees. Tree Armor Plus, along with the original Tree Armor are shipped from Pennsylvania, via Priority Mail. You will receive these great tree guards within 2-3 business days.