Tree Guard Deer Repellent

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Customer Testimonials

"Great product!!! Usually I'd have to replace about 3-4 trees on my land every year, but now that I'm using Tree Armor, my trees are protected from the deer that would damage their bark. Thank you!!"
John Seedling, Trenton NJ

"This wrap saved me hundreds of dollars in tree replacement."
Roberts, Rome GA

"WOW! Amazing product!"
Cindy Patches, Mullen Nebraska

"Tree guard keeps the deer from using my trees as an antler rub and it's protected them countless times from the edging my landscapers do with their weedwackers. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody! Thanks!"
Ben Fuller, San Antonio TX

"Ever since I started wrapping my trees with Tree Armor, I haven't had to worry about deer and rodents eating the bark. Also, the color matches the color of the bark so they are barely noticeable."
Jessica Fockers, Eastport ME

"I'm a tree farmer out in Ohio. Up until now I have never found a product that works so well at keeping rabbits and deer away from my trees. Before I started using tree guards I was losing thousands of dollars a year in tree replacement. Tree farming is my only means of income and I just couldn't afford to be losing this much money. The spiral tree wrap not only saved my trees but they saved my business as well. Thank you guys!!!"
Jim Brown, Beaver OH

"Very satisfied with your product. Affordable, durable and best of works."
Chaz Mathews, Landisville PA

"Jill received the four Tree Armor wraps a week ago and today I finally had a chance to install them on our trees. I wanted you to know that they worked beautifully...quick, easy and effective to a height of 32". I am going to recommend the product to our City of Saskatoon Parks Department as I think they would be interested. Thanks for this awesome product."
Ralph Johnstone, Canada

Tree Guard Deer Repellent

Tree Guards for Deer