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Discourage Animal Climbing

Tree Armor -- Tree Guards Should Discourage Cat & Snake Climbing

Marbles, the world's smartest cat, loves to use trees like this as a scratching post.

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Resist Power Tools

Tree Armor -- Tree Guards Should Resist Power Tools

While most tree guards and tree protectors manage to protect deer rubbing, only Tree Armor is engineered to protect your trees from power tool damage.

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Heavy Metal Toxicity Protection

Tree Armor -- Tree Guards Should Not be a Source for Poisons & Heavy Metals

While homeowners and farmers are concerned with the health of trees ABOVE ground, the feeder root below grade transmits the nutrients that feed the leaves and branches.

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Moles and Rodent Protection

Tree Armor -- Guards Should Not be a Nest for Moles and Rodents

Trees have many enemies in nature. Ice, wind, snow and hot, dry weather are things we cannot control.

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Grow With Tree

Tree Armor -- Guards Should Grow With the Tree.

Tree guard design hasn’t changed very much over the last 50 years.

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Never Detract Beauty

Tree Armor -- It Should Never Detract from the Beauty of Your Tree.

Color and fabric are extremely important when deciding which tree wrap to purchase.

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Guard and Repel

Tree Armor -- It Should Not Only Guard the Tree, It Should Repel the Deer

With over 20 tree protectors on the market today, it may be hard to find the best tree guard for your situation.

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Tree Guard Repellent

Tree Armor -- The Worlds Only Tree Guard & Repellent.

There are many remarkable aspects to Tree Armor

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Tree Wraps Made in USA

Tree Armor is Now Made in the United States

Tree Armor is proudly made in the USA!!!

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Non Toxic Tree Guards

Tree Armor Meets OSHA Standards Tested for Chemical Characteristics

Our tree guards are lead free and non toxic!

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Tree Wrap

Top Reasons Why Tree Armor is the Best

Quickly learn why our product is superior to other tree wraps on the market.

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Tree Armor

Making Tree Armor in the USA

Find out how Tree Armor is manufactured and why we are proud to say it's made in the USA!

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Tree Guards

Tree Armor — Necessary for All Seasons

It not only repels animals, but guards trees from lawn equipment, making it perfect for year round protection.

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Deer Rutting Protection

Rutting Spells Disaster for Young Trees this Winter

Learn why Tree Armor is the best defence against deer rutting mishaps.

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Tree Wraps

Introducing Tree Armor

Find out why Tree Armor was invented.

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