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Tree Armor -- Tree Guards Should Not be a Source for Poisons & Heavy Metals.

April 22, 2020

While homeowners and farmers are concerned with the health of trees ABOVE ground, the feeder root below grade transmits the nutrients that feed the leaves and branches. Unfortunately heavy metals like lead and cadmium that leech into the ground from tree guards attached to the trunk also transmit up into those leaves and branches.The major function of feeder roots is the absorption of water and minerals. Feeder roots are usually located throughout the entire area under the canopy of a tree. Under healthy soil conditions as much as 50 percent of the root system grows beyond the drip line and may extend as far as the height of the tree.

When buying a tree guard, make sure it’s made in the USA. Products made overseas do not have to conform to strict EPA guidelines that insist the material used is made of virgin vinyl. Heavy metals like cadmium and lead are integrated and hidden, many times, in imported vinyl. They are used in overseas manufacturing because they are less expensive. Unfortunately, the heavy metals can leech out of the plastic and drip into the root system of your trees.

Tree Armor uses only EPA approved virgin vinyl to make its tree guards. This makes the tree protector a little more expensive, but it gives the farmer and homeowner the peace of mind they are contributing to clean soil.