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Tree Armor -- Guards Should Grow With the Tree.

April 20, 2020

Tree guard design hasn’t changed very much over the last 50 years. They fall into two categories; Tubes and Spiral wraps. The tubes are usually made of thin polyethylene that require a wooden or plastic stake to hold them in place. Installation can be labor intensive, requiring hand grading around each tube so that moles and rodents don’t find their way underneath, building a home for themselves over the winter. Tubes made of stormwater pipe need to be cut open on the side to wrap around the tree. This leaves an open channel for vermin to enter and make a meal of your bark.

Spiral wraps, beside being ugly white, are not spring loaded, and fit loosely around the trunk. As the tree grows, the trunk is revealed because the width of the plastic is usually rather narrow.

Tree Armor is designed and engineered to hug the tree as it grows. Understanding that tree trunks are thicker on the bottom than they are on the top, our Tree Armor engineers designed a tapered spiral wrap. This patented design lets you unwind the tree guard in a spiral, with the wider diameter at grade and narrowing as you go up the tree. It hugs the tree, comfortably, meaning it assumes the profile of the trunk, and expands as the tree grows. And, because Tree Armor is brown, it becomes nearly invisible from a short distance.

When buying a tree guard, make sure it’s made in the USA. Products made overseas do not have to conform to strict EPA guidelines that insist the material used is made of virgin vinyl. Heavy metals like cadmium and lead are integrated and hidden, many times, in imported vinyl. They are used in overseas manufacturing because they are less expensive. Unfortunately, the heavy metals can leech out of the plastic and drip into the root system of your trees.

Tree Armor uses only EPA approved virgin vinyl to make its tree guards. This makes the tree protector a little more expensive, but it gives the farmer and homeowner the peace of mind they are contributing to clean soil.