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Tree Armor -- It Should Never Detract from the Beauty of Your Tree.

April 19, 2020

Color and fabric are extremely important when deciding which tree wrap to purchase. Many home made varieties, like storm water pipe, cloth fabric, and PVC are absolutely ugly and do nothing to enhance the beauty of your landscaping. Most spiral tree guards are white and some are black, but they all detract from the natural beauty of your tree.

Tree Armor is the first and still the only tree protector that makes their tree wraps a beautiful golden brown. When applied, they become almost invisible from 10 or 15 feet away, and allow the true beauty of the tree to come alive. The specially formulated PVC is mold and mildew resistant, and unlike fabric tree wraps, Tree Armor resists algae build up, especially during wet, cool weather.

Tree Armor is not a white tree guard that is painted brown. The rich brown color is integrated thru the entire heavy gauge vinyl. As a result, you can use Tree Armor for two or three years because it will not fade or chip like most imported tree protectors.

When buying a tree guard, make sure it’s made in the USA. Products made overseas do not have to conform to strict EPA guidelines that insist that the material used is made of virgin vinyl. Heavy metals like cadmium and lead are integrated and hidden, many times, in imported vinyl. They are used in overseas manufacturing because they are less expensive. Unfortunately, the heavy metals can leech out of the plastic and drip into the root system of your trees.

Tree Armor uses only EPA approved virgin vinyl to make its tree guards. This makes the tree protector a little more expensive, but it gives the farmer and homeowner the peace of mind they are contributing to clean soil.