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Tree Armor -- It Should Not Only Guard the Tree, It Should Repel the Deer.

April 19, 2020

With over 20 tree protectors on the market today, it may be hard to find the best tree guard for your situation. While color, design and price are important, functional design offers the best solution to your deer problems. It’s most important that your tree guard discourage deer rubbing even before it protects the tree.

But how is that possible? Tree Armor tree guards have a patented process that integrates an all natural repellent into the PVC during the extrusion process. The repellent used is white pepper, an irritant to the nostrils of most animals, especially deer. As animals approach, the tree guard gives off an aroma that many times will allow the deer to approach within 3’ of the tree trunk before turning away. If you have a tree circle with plantings, the white pepper is known to drive deer away from the flowers and other vegetation around the tree trunk.

While black pepper and white pepper come from the same berry, Tree Armor uses the white pepper portion. Black pepper comes from the outer shell of the pepper berry, while white pepper is the inner portion. The white pepper material is much stronger and offers a more pungent odor that many times can only be detected by animals and not human.