Deer Protection for Trees

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Rutting Spells Disaster for Young Trees this Winter

Media Release - January 12, 2012

Deer "rutting" is now in full swing!

Deer Protection for Trees

Coinciding with the gestation or pregnancy period of female deer, rutting deer in heat are rubbing their antlers on trees and ornamentals, causing millions in damage to homeowners’ landscaping. Young trees, costing a $100 and up at the nursery, can be destroyed overnight, as the male buck rips the bark & cambium layers with their horns.

A new, innovative invention, Tree Armor, puts a new line of defense against this destructive behavior. It’s a spring loaded spiral that wraps around the base of the tree and extends up to 3’ high. Almost invisible with its environmentally friendly brown bark color, Tree Armor actually expands as the tree grows, so that it never needs to be replaced like ordinary tree wraps or tree guards. It’s ventilated to help prevent mold and mildew, & Tree Armor’s spiral design allows it to hug any size tree 4" in diameter down to a narrow ½".

Tree Armor frustrates the buck! As he attempts to rub the velvet material off his antlers, the plastic spiral actually grips the tree bark tighter, forcing him to look for better hunting grounds. As winter snow covers all the food available to the deer, except your fruit, shade and ornamental trees, Tree Armor is the best tree bark protectors from hungry animals looking for something to eat.

This simple creation is the invention of father and daughter team Jim & Jill Saunders in northern Pennsylvania. "For about 4 dollars, you can protect your valuable trees from hungry animals in the winter, and lawn mowers and weed wackers that get too close to trees in the summer", Jill says. "This product is so superior to anything else out there," Jim adds. "On our farm, Jill and I came up with this design because the fabric wraps were totally destroyed and useless after one season. And, the other tree guards expand, leaving large gaps and exposed bark, while the tubular guards have to be replaced as the tree grows."

"After one year of using Tree Armor," Jill says, " we could see the deer got so frustrated they just gave up and headed, unfortunately, to our neighbors’ farm."

Tree Armor is available in most Lumber Yard stores in Missouri and Illinois, and other hardware stores are taking a serious look at this inexpensive approach to tree protection.

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