EZ Tree Shelter

EZ Tree Shelters

SAVE TIME - You can install 10 EZ tree shelters over your seedlings in the time it takes to install just 1 of the old tree tubes! Our secure fastening design has three stakes for super security. With our improved design there’s no zip ties which can snag on tiny branches.

NO TOOLS NEEDED! - With our self-anchoring design there’s no need to carry around installation tools! EZ Tree Shelters have a sharp leading edge that fits snuggly to the ground, protecting your seedling from herbicidal drifts, and eliminating the need for mounding

Built-in Repellent - EZ Tree Shelters are infused with EPA approved white pepper scent. It’s field tested to repel deer, rabbits, moles, and other browsers.

Reduces Temperature Extremes - Our translucent walls act like a green house: providing filtered sunlight; protecting seedlings from temperature extremes; and preserving the moisture in the ground. All this will help your seedling grow at an accelerated rate.

In this short video we show just how simple it is to install our EZ Tree Shelters over your seedlings. Our innovative 3-stake design allows for a fast an easy install process.


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