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Tree Armor Meets OSHA Standards Tested for Chemical Characteristics

December 10, 2013

Tree Armor is an environmentally sensitive company. So it is no surprise that the tree wrap marketed as deer protection, tree trunk protectors, and winter tree guards has passed extensive OSHA testing, and has been found to be free of heavy metals.

Non Toxic Tree Guards

A recent material safety data sheet from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that the popular tree guard, known as Tree Armor, is manufactured from plastic that is free from cadmium, lead and other heavy metals. In addition, the brown coloring agent used to make Tree Armor almost invisible from a short distance, is lead free.

Most tree wraps and tree guards that are on the market today lack the kind of rigorous testing that has been done on Tree Armor. And some tree protectors on the market today actually contain toxic lead and other heavy metals to harden the vinyl and make the color permanent.

Why is this important? Heat and precipitation can leach dangerous chemicals into the soil. Subsequently, poisons like cadmium and lead enter the ecology through the root system of the trees . From there, the chemicals can enter the water supply.

Especially critical situations involve tree guards or wraps applied to fruit trees. Root systems carry the heavy metals that have leached into the soil and end up in the food supply.

Consumers can be assured that the best tree wrap on the market, Tree Armor, is also the safest. Before you purchase any tree wrap, tree guard or other deer protection, make sure it is certified environmentally safe, and free of heavy metals that can harm the ecological system.