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Tree Armor — Necessary for All Seasons

Media Release - January 18, 2012

There are few lawn and garden products that stores carry year round. Tree Armor is one of them. While fertilizer, herbicides, seeds & lawn equipment are pulled off the shelves for shovels and snow blowers, you find the familiar Tree Armor dispensers everywhere.

Tree Wrap Protection

Tree Armor is one of the only lawn and garden products that homeowners depend on year round. Tree Armor protects trees from rutting bucks that try to use young trees as scratching boards for their antlers. During October, November, December, January and February, the testosterone levels in buck cause deer to seek out tree trunks to rub off the velvet like material that surfaces on antlers during the gestation or pregnancy period of doe. Hungry deer are turned away, by the firm gripping Tree Armor, in January, February and March, when snowy fields offer no food for winter animals.

Then, from April through September, Tree Armor protects trees from homeowners, defending against power tools like weed wackers and lawn mowers, as well as herbicides that are often sprayed around tree rings, damaging unprotected bark.

"The neat thing about our Tree Armor," says creator Jim Saunders, "is the tapered design. It creates a tension Tree Armor in action around the tree that totally frustrates animals looking for food or a scratching wall." Adds his daughter, Jill, who helps market Tree Armor, "people love the fact that it is almost invisible from a few feet away because of its brown bark color. When you spend thousands of dollars on landscaping, you don't want ugly white wraps or wire cages destroying the look of your trees and ornamentals."

"We have been working on Tree Armor for two years, getting the color, the thickness and the width just right, so that the homeowner needn't remove, adjust or replace their protection. Tree Armor grows along with the growth of the trunk. And, Tree Armor weathers beautifully as seasons come and go", Jill adds.

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