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Introducing Tree Armor

Kempton, Lehigh Valley, PA - TREE ARMOR, invented over the course of two years by Jim Saunders and his daughter, Jill, provides protection for homeowner landscaping especially in cold weather. Winter is breeding season for deer and, as part of rutting behavior young trees show wear as deer rub their antlers and foreheads against bark. While bark serves as a shield or armor to protect from damage and disease, it is not impervious to rutting and chewing or snowplows, shovels, lawn mowers, and power tools.

tree armor

Moreover, in winter, hungry herds of deer and black bear as well as rodents and rabbits are attracted to tree bark as it is loaded with sweetener and moisture. Animals will chew a tree where there is little else to feed on. TREE ARMOR was created to shield trees and shrubs from winter damage and continues that protection year-round. Designed to unwind around the trunk of young trees and ornamentals, TREE ARMOR provides up to 3’ of spring loaded protection for young trees with diameters from 1/2 inch up to 4 inches. Each product unwinds up to 36 inches. Its aesthetically appealing bark brown color has a special UV coating that can be reused, giving years of service. TREE ARMOR is made of recycled PVC and is safe for animals and the environment.

As an introductory limited-time offer, a free pallet of TREE ARMOR dispensers (960 pieces) will be shipped to any one location, so that TREE ARMOR can be displayed in a season not usually reserved for lawn and garden items. Retail outlets may display TREE ARMOR in a 22” high x 4” wide chute dispenser tube that holds 10 TREE ARMOR products. The product dispenses at the bottom of the tube, and can be hung in any department, from pegboard, end caps, and store checkouts, encouraging impulse purchases. All profits from sales of TREE ARMOR are donated to CEO America, http://www.ceoamerica.net, which provides need-based scholarships.

For more information and to locate the nearest distributor or retailer phone 570 386-3311 or fax 484 857- 313.

Additional information, samples, and photos available on request. Contact Jim Saunders info@mytreearmor.com, 484-553-1255 or 610-756-4000