Tree Bark Protectors

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What determines the best Tree Guard you should buy

  • Should not just guard the tree, but also repel deer

  • Should not affect the natural beauty of the tree

  • Should grow with the tree

  • Should not be a nest for moles and rodents

  • Should not be toxic to root system

  • Should resist weed wackers, lawn mowers and power tools

  • Should discourage climbing from cats and snakes

Tree Armor is engineered to exceed these requirements.

  • Up to 4’ of Protection from Deer Damage
    Most tree guards only protect trees from 1-3’ high
  • Spring-loaded for Maximum Protection from Deer Rubbing
    Hugs Tree Trunks that are 1”-4” thick
  • Patented Tapered Design
    Tapering grips small ornamentals as well as large caliber trees
  • NEW - Rich Brown Bark Color
    Avoid ugly white, black metal tubes. Tree Armor is almost invisible
  • Certified Lead Free & Non Toxic
    Some tree guards contain heavy metals that leach into your ground
  • Heavy Gauge Vinyl
    Protects trees from power tools & bark scalding

For the most stubborn deer rutting, try

Best Selling Tree Wraps

Pepper Scent-Infused Tree Guard Offers
Ultimate Protection

  • Field tested & Found to Repel Approaching Deer
  • Especially Effective in Heavily Populated Deer Areas
  • Non-toxic, Pepper Scent is Harmless to Humans & Animals
  • For Tree Trunks 1"-4" Thick
  • Tapered and Spring Loaded to Protect Your Trees From Deer Rubbing